My Vision

The touch of architecture elevates a home beyond pure function and practicality to something special and enriching and it is the main benefit behind having your own mi shack.

Our collective aim is to enable more people to be able to enjoy these life enhancing benefits … ‘we think that’s important’.

30+ years of architectural evolution has enabled me to create a unique modular design system that has inbuilt within each zone the considered use of space, light, texture and massing. This ensures that a welcoming sense of sanctuary and calm can be achieved with any layout combination and has been tested, explored and continues to evolve over a quiver of built and new projects. mi shack zones evoke a soothing balance of spatial experience and cost that feels … just right.

Creating a sense of
sanctuary and calm.

My Journey

After graduating I jumped head first into residential, commercial, educational, institutional, industrial and health projects embarking on a 15 year journey developing and honing my design skills and construction knowledge in the fast paced commercial architectural world gathering insights, knowledge and experience within the industry.

Life then magically presented me with another opportunity, I say magically because at the time I had been conceptualising a method of delivering budget conscious architecture to the market place. I was presented with a proposal to run a boutique property development company focusing on small lot residential projects whereby I could source my own sites and create my own designs, uninhibited. It was during this period that I grabbed my chance to start developing a ‘zone design system’ that would allow me to give some surety of outcome in the aesthetics and cost of the product.

... and the journey goes on.


True to form at the end of this cycle, life laid before me another opportunity allowing me to pursue ‘living the dream down south’ indulging my passion for surfing and music in the idyllic seaside hamlet of Yallingup. One day I got a call from a local builder who was on the look for an alternative architect designed product which represented the ‘down south life style’ but catered to client demands for a hassle free, budget conscious architecture in a simple design and build solution … mi shack was born.

Where would you rather be?


Maxxy ‘dawg’ (Maxximus) AKA – ‘THE WHITE DOG OF YALLINGUP’, grew up on the beach body surfing waves whilst retrieving balls, frisbees, logs (he likes big sticks), chasing dolphins and digging sand craters for tourists to trip in. His most favourite things to do are: terrorise rabbits and kite surfers and perfume himself with ‘eau de dead kangaroo’. You could be the only person on the planet and he will still manage to shake all over you after a little dawgy dip. Needless to say he’s my wing dawg, attending site visits so that he can steal tradies lunches when they’re not looking and passionately lick out their half finished iced coffee cartons…he’s a love seeker, a womanizer – but be aware, you will fall in love at first bark.