The Ultimate Shack for a modern laid back Australian lifestyle awaits. Whether that be at the beach, in the bush or shacked up in the ‘burbs’, mi shack gives you ‘Spaces with Soul’ you can enjoy anywhere – just like a good Margaret River Red.

We pay homage to the iconic Aussie farm shed and have found inspiration in the simplicity of early modernist and mid-century architecture to create simple, smart, sophisticated shacks which are – let’s face it,

… ‘perdy’ damn sexy.


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Value for money.

mi shack’s modular design system creates affordable homes that retain the refined proportions and sensuality the art of architecture is renowned for. You get a simple yet sophisticated home that looks and feels more valuable than its actual cost.**

**You have the confidence of knowing it has been developed by a registered architect with over 30 years experience and an A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects.

Designed to meet your budget.

Each zone represents a budget conscious construction and fit out solution using simple, yet smart building techniques and a carefully chosen range of pre-selections developed from our base criteria of investment, look, feel, availability, sustainability, maintenance and warranty.

Designed with Soul. Built with Love ♥

Although modular in nature its definitely not a kit home!

Its hand assembled and hand built on site by humans, not robots! much like a custom build, so its got the ‘lurv’ in it.

Less Hassle.

mi shack offers a pathway to everything needed to ‘get you shacked’ from inception to completion. Our preconfigured zones, preselected style range and team of ‘Shackinistas’ incorporates all items, disciplines and approvals required. Take away the hassle of juggling infinite possibilities and let us guide you with passion & know-how through a clearly defined process, so you can … just enjoy the fun bits.

Together we create.

We realise that designing a home or holiday retreat is an intimately personal experience, so our service is one-on-one. Following a collaborative approach, with our team of ‘Shackinistas’ involved from the start, ensures ‘your shack’ truly becomes the place where you would rather be.

Follow the sun.

mi shack can be configured to follow the sun with excellent solar passive design principles.

We promote the use of renewable energy systems, sustainably produced and green materials, low VOC finishes and sustainable methods of effluent treatment to minimise environmental impact, reduce running costs and importantly to create healthy homes.

We not only want you to look good, we want you to feel good.