This is how we flow.

Q. How do I get started?

Simply go to our GET SHACKED! page for our email and phone details and get in touch with us to tell us your shack dreams. We’ll then direct you to our very cost effective Map iT service which will enable us to perform some essential pre-design due diligence on your site to assess, site conditions and planning, building, bushfire and environmental health regulations to give us the information we need to develop a potential design + build shack budget that you will need to consider. Live, Love, Shack.

Q. Who do I sign up with?

During the design stages you are contracted to mi shack. We design and format the necessary documentation for pricing and building approvals. Once a lump sum quote from your chosen builder is approved, you sign up directly with the builder. They will organise required building approvals and set-up a construction program. But of course we are still there making sure it all runs smoothly.

Q. How long will it take to design and build my shack?

Based on experience we allow from 6 to 12 months for the building period depending on the size of your shack and site specifics. It’s the concept design and pricing period where we actually save significant time compared to a conventional lengthy and convoluted architectural design and tendering process.

Q. Can I use my own builder?

Yep, you certainly can. Never-the-less in order to fully benefit from the overall mi shack process we encourage you to work with one of our partner builders as this is where you can take greater advantage of the collaborative process with a builder who is familiar with the product. Hey, but at the end of the day it’s up to you, it’s a free world.

Q. Can I use my own sub-contractors?

If you want to, but again why complicate your life? Never change a winning team! We would not recommend our Shackinistas if we were not convinced about their commitment, level of quality, skill set and experience within their field of expertise.


This is what you get.

Q. What services are included?

We’ve got you sorted. All you need to fork out is a site, a budget and your dreams. We cover the rest: create a damn good design, arrange the builder and sub-consultants, be the calm voice of reason with council and neighbours, keep the budget on track and preselect your kitchen tap. Even a Tibetan Buddhist Monk to bless your shack if you want one – I have friends who know people, who know people.

Q. Are you a builder?

Nope, we are the visionaries, creators – the incubators. Sticking to what we know best. We are here to transfer your ideas on paper and elevate them from simply being dreams onto the next level. Our collaborating Shackinista builders are the ‘dirty squad’ and geniuses when it comes to transforming a design into ‘the real deal.’

Q. Is landscaping included?

Only if you want it to be, just set up a brief and budget and we will introduce you to one of our landscaping Shackinistas partners so you can get all shrubbed up, decked out and stoned.

Q. Do you do Interior Design as well?

Already done it! Most of the interior design has already been coordinated within our range of preselections including the colour scheme. However, if you would like the touch of a dedicated external consultant to create a custom scheme we can certainly arrange that for you.

Q. How much does a mi shack cost?

It’s all about the budget as we design to a budget. At the enquiry stage we will estimate the budget you will need based on the reference costs of built or recently priced mi shacks so we have a realistic benchmark to work with from the outset. At the end of each design phase your shack will be costed to keep your agreed budget in check.

Q. Why choose mi shack over a conventional architect service?

More surety of outcome – less time, less cost, less hassle. mi shack is a design system that offers everyone the freedom to design like an architect without the high costs. By utilising preconfigured ‘smart zones’ that are linked to prestyled options mi shack can quickly develop a unique design to suit your brief and budget.


This is our style.

Q. Is mi shack pre-fab or modular?

Although modular in nature, it’s not a prefab or kit home.

Every mi shack is built on site by a quality custom builder … puttin da love in it, givin it soul.

Q. Do all shacks look the same?

Nope, every mi shack is unique. That’s the beauty of the system. But there is certainly a distinctive style – a similar gene pool if you like – you’ll recognise in every mi shack. Just like family.  As each design is based on its site and brief specific arrangement of zones, choice of layouts and client’s individual selections, each mi shack is one of a kind.

Q. Can I make my own selections?

Yes you can, however we strongly encourage you to select from the mi shack range in order to benefit fully from the mi shack system. Anything beyond needs to be assessed on a case to case basis and might involve extra cost.

Q. Can I build my shack on a difficult sloped site?

You can get shacked at the beach, in the bush or get shacked up in the ‘burbs… it really doesn’t matter where. Each site is different and we can adapt the design to any site requirements – if there is a will (a realistic budget) – there is always a way.

Q. I am not located in WA, can I still have a mi shack?

You certainly can. We don’t have any nominated partner builders outside of WA as yet but we can do the leg work and source, review and research for a suitable builder within your area and co-ordinate with them … no problemo.

Q. Is a two storey shack design possible?

It certainly is, we can stack the zones for a two storey+ solution.

Q. Can I add to my shack in the future?

Absolutely, part of the beauty of the system is that it’s future proof allowing to add on bits in stages.

Q. Do you have a display shack we can vistit?

We don’t do display homes as such. However, we do know the importance of actually feeling a space. Graciously the ‘Mishackians’ – owners of our built shacks – allow us to show you around. Just let us know you are interested and we’ll set up a date and give you the tour.

Q. Is mi shack a passive solar design?

mi shack always considers good passive solar orientation and cross ventilation when arranging the zones. Our clients, and new owners consistently state how well their shack works at bringing in the winter sun, keeping spaces comfortably temperate throughout the winter months with minimal need for artificial heating.

Q. What is the energy efficiency rating of a mishack?

You can pimp it anyway you want. A standard mi shack specification will achieve a minimum of 6 stars as required by the Building Code of Australia but if you can afford to go higher, we are more than happy to upscale for you.

Q. Does mi shack meet bushfire regulations?

Yes, we do and we have done so in the past. We will always consider any special regulations, site requirements, building and development guidelines when creating your design.