01 White Shack.


Once a rural retreat for a former 80’s UK pop star of ‘The Thompson Twins’ fame and now well known Australian author ‘Michael White’ and family, now its a weekend surf shack for a longboard cruiser and his ‘fam’ and clubhouse for the ‘Indian Ocean Longboard Club’ their extended entourage of fellow surf compadres … and when she feels like rumblin’ in for a visit its home to ‘Grace’ a 1963 Thunderbird Monaco Series convertible . Both owners have highlighted the strengths of the shack’s passive solar design and how this has enriched their living experience through creating a comfortable living environment irrespective of the season and only needing to use the air-conditioning very minimally on extreme situations of heat or cold.

I don't think there is anything I would change. The builder and the architect paid such close attention to detail. They were every clients' dream.

Lisa White, First Owner

We regretfully only use it as week-ender, but could very well live their some time in the future.

Richard Wilson, Owner
Indoors 230 SQM
Outdoors 168 SQM
Sleeps 4 Sleeps
Bathe 2 Bathe
Yallingup WA


Nestled in wine country, just a stones throw from the best wood-fired bread on the planet, this cleared acreage of ‘Down South Bliss’ amongst the Yallingup hinterland blessed us with the perfect setting. A slightly sloping lot of sandy soil, surrounded by woodland, a building envelope with perfect solar north orientation caressed by two large Marri trees at the east and west ends providing wind protection and shade – the ideal conditions for a solar passive shack.


A family bursting with creative souls, this shack needed to be as stylish and as interesting as the people livin’ in it. Easy flowing functional spaces connecting the indoors with the outdoors along with separation for the big people to escape from the little people when sanity demanded. The ‘Play’ Zone would serve to record and archive all those important moments of inspiration of music and words for the well known Australian author (and former UK pop star), his wife and their budding ACDC loving rug rat.

Design Solution

We couldn’t have wished for a better client. This is where the collaborative process of mishack. was born, client, architect and builder working together from the outset. Hence, the ultimate solution: Three minor kids’ bedrooms, a large fully pimped out bathroom, one master bedroom with luxurious ensuite and private deck, a spacious open plan living area flowing seamlessly onto an outdoor alfresco area to cook, eat, chill and grill; a versatile ‘Play’ Zone to serve a host of functions, including a recording studio and an after surf shower to wash off the salt.


“I don’t think there is anything I would change. The builder and the architect paid such close attention to detail…” I was part of the design process and gave the architect and builder a clear indication of the sort of house we wanted to build. The fantastic thing was that we were all on the same page from the start, even down to the landscaping. They were every clients’ dream…” Lisa White, First Owner