04 Mcgunnigle Shack.


With a real love for the infamous ‘Kaufmann Desert House‘ (by Richard Neutra architect) in Palm Springs and three very active rug rats, our clients asked for a mid-century inspired shack that adapts as their family grows – including an American Diner styled breakfast breakout area for the family to commune and connect at every morning.

Its our first metro shack!

Geoff Longwood Constructions has really done an amazing job and has been a complete pleasure to work with. Geoff truly appreciates architecture (and as fate would have it, a total Kaufmann House fan and Palm Springs travel junky) and the effort involved to create a good outcome. He maintained an impressive attention to detail, painstakingly working details to stay true to the intention of the design from beginning to end.

Design is nothing without a good builder and visa versa, you need both to create a good outcome and this is where the spirit of collaboration works its magic, creating a strong and supportive network of professionals who respect each others skills and simply enjoy working together to do good work.

… its the mishack way.


Indoors 260 SQM
Outdoors 155 SQM
Sleeps 4 Sleeps
Bathe 2 Bathe
Beaconsfield WA


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